Real Estate Trends in Malta

Lately, the Malta real estate market has been a hotbed for innovation and new designs. There are some really cool trends coming out of Maltese real estate and properties and we are excited to share them with you! Whether you are looking for ideas to base your own home around or you want to identify if Malta is the ideal place for your personal style, you are sure to have fun with Malta-inspired trends and the unique property choices that Malta has to offer.

We are going to walk you through some of the hottest trends in Maltese real estate and partially uncover why this market is doing so well right now and what it has to do with the trends we are seeing.

Malta Housing Market as a Whole

If you’re unfamiliar with how the Malta real estate market is doing as a whole right now, they are doing quite well. Malta is becoming very strong economically and that is bringing every other industry up along with it. This is great for the market and current property owners, but it does make it slightly difficult for others to break into the market.

Regardless, you should know that the macro outlook for the Malta market is very much positive, and that’s partly due to the wonderful design and housing trends that the world is just now being exposed to.

Houses of Character

Houses of Character are probably the most intriguing real estate trend coming out of Malta right now. A House of Character is a highly distinguished home that was built in the 15th or 16th century. These homes are highly regarded as incredibly valuable property partly because of the intriguing design and partly because they are of historical significance.

This is a significant real estate trend because of the astounding amount that these homes are going for. They sometimes sell for millions of dollars even before they are modernized and made able to be livable by modern standards.

Houses of Character are very intriguing and provide a very interesting layer to the Maltese real estate market that shows how much value they put on their history and it also gives us insight as to what the typical real estate purchaser is in Malta.


Maisonettes are another rising trend in the Malta real estate market. Unlike Houses of Character, maisonettes are not their own building. The most comparable thing to a maisonette would be a duplex. They usually consist of a couple units and give you a private entrance.

The main benefit to these units is that they provide you with a little bit of privacy like a house but also are affordable like an apartment. These are typically inhabited by middle-class families or singles with high salaries.


Malta is one of the most intriguing real estate markets out there for a number of reasons. Their economic success paired with some really unique properties that they are making popular make Malta the place to be for anyone trying to hop on a real estate train that is headed good places. We’re so excited to see what trends come next out of a flourishing Malta real estate market!

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