How to Choose Cushion Foam for Upholstery

You’ve had that sofa or couch for 20 years, and an objective, honest consider it said it had to visit! The seating is sagging, the cushions are lumpy and the upholstery is shredding.

Which means you went shopping, naively convinced that you’d decide, plop down some cash and in a couple weeks you’d have a fresh sofa. Instead you were overwhelmed by the options. Who knew that buying a bit of upholstered furniture could end up like buying a new car? Options abound, and among the most challenging choices is choosing a cushion.
Upholstery vocabulary – about cushions
To get down, or never to get down? This demonstration couch helpfully illustrates the prolific – and sometimes baffling – range of cushion options avaiable.

Let’s see if we can make some sense of it all, so you’ll learn how to make the decision that’s best for you.
Upholstery vocabulary – about cushions
Although manufacturers use different terminology and may vary the specifics a bit, when all is said and done, there are basically three choices in cushions. The first choice is the all- foam cushion inserts long island. Normally, this is made of a high-density foam core included in a softer layer of convoluted (“egg crate”) foam, and then a polyester fibre cover.

This is actually the cushion of preference if you want an extremely firm seat and you simply want the fewest possible wrinkles in the fabric.
Upholstery terms – about cushions
This is what an all-foam cushion looks like in a finished sofa. Observe that there are no wrinkles by any means on the chair cushions, and only a few on the trunk cushions. Again cushions will more often than not be of marginally different development than seating cushions, because they have to be somewhat softer, but they still need to be matched to the seats cushioning. A softer seat cushion takes a softer back again cushion, or your body will jackknife – pitch onward when sitting. This pillow is relatively free of maintenance. When you get yourself up from sitting onto it, you won’t should do any fluffing, plumping or primping … it will look exactly like it performed before you sat down.

Upholstery words – about cushions
Spring down
The second cushion choice is usually called spring down. It is the second-softest cushion and is made with a primary of coiled springs, which is surrounded by a foam field and then twisted with a thick coating of polyester fibre. That is all equipped into a downproof cover filled with a blend of down and polyester fibre. The springs provide a resilient feel, and the little little bit of down contributes some softness and loft that only down can provide.

Upholstery dialect – all about cushions
Thus giving you a concept of how spring down appears in a finished sofa. They have sensible shape-holding properties but requires regular fluffing as well as rotation to preserve its plump, softly designed appearance. This is actually the cushioning for you if you want a few of the softness of down – a moderate amount of this down squishyness – and don’t mind a little fussing to make it look good.

Upholstery words – about cushions
Down plush, or blendown
The 3rd basic choice for a cushion is named down plush, or blendown. It is the softest & most luxurious of the cushions, and is designed with a thinner foam center wrapped in a thick part of polyester fibre, and then wrapped in a much thicker level of the down and poly-fibre blend. Due to its relatively thin foam central and increased proportion of down, it certainly feels and works like a pillow.

Here you can see me doing somewhat of fluffing, merely to prove that I speak from experience! And, incidentally, there’s another plus: When you have experienced a aggravating day and desire a punching tote to take out your aggressions on, fluffing the couch cushions is ideal.

How to keep couch looking good
Upholstery language – about cushions
This is a fluffed blendown sofa. You can view how the cushions have a plump, high loft; they’re luxurious and comfortable to sit on. But remember: when you get yourself up, you have to fluff the pillow, or it’ll look fairly sloppy.
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This isn’t an exhaustive list at all, but it does cover the essential options. Keep in mind, some manufacturers offer several extra choices, including completely down-filled cushions (which are great but extremely high maintenance). But they are some hybrid of what is described here.

The critical test
Also, keep in mind that generally you get what you pay for. Less costly sofas and chairs usually have fewer cushion alternatives, but that might not subject, depending on your likes. However, the acid test is really sitting on an exemplory case of what you’ll be getting. You’ll know if the piece is right for you merely when you can actually take a seat on it, so if possible, sit before you commit.

One last note: Every pillow has a break-in period. Don’t expect it to feel like the main one in the store until you have destroyed it set for a week or two. In the mean time, if you’re out there searching for a sofa or seat, knowing the basic three should be helpful.

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